About me

I am a “20 something” recent graduate (Engineering, Law, Finance), and I divide my time between offering services to pre-IPO companies (in associate partnership with Value Development), starting a small business in the field of “internet of things” (nubitronic.com, although still in a very experimental phase at this time), being a part-time lecturer (lecturing business law in the Bachelor International Business Administration curriculum) and PhD researcher in the domain of business and financing of innovative companies (at Tilburg University in The Netherlands).

Besides that, I also provide some teaching assistance for a law course (contract and company law in the Bachelor in applied economics curriculum) in Kortrijk (Belgium). And I am also working on a website where young companies can showcase themselves towards potential investors.

People sometimes ask questions about my multidisciplinary background and activities. Look at it this way: deep in my hart, I am a true technology believer. I like technological progress. I believe in technology for solving problems that humans (and animals and nature) are facing. And I admire people who create technological progress. And I am especially very interested in the business side of technology: finance and business law are two essential tools for that. For that reason, I want to fully understand and master their details. But I am not emotionally attracted to the latter domains. I don’t love rules or regulations. Actually, I am an advocate of minimal legal regulation. And in my opinion, there is a disproportion between people who actually create things, and people who just talk about things and are actually deriving income from the huge amount and complexity of regulations. Due to this disproportion, there are too many and too complex regulations, and people who actually create and produce things loose too much time due to these enormous amount of (sometimes completely unnecessary) regulations.

Time is my biggest enemy, but I still make time for some hobbies and social life. For instance, I am involved with the local branch of the Junior Chamber International in Knokke-Heist (go to the website). In the “leisure projects” section , you will also find more hobby related stuff.

I have also been an ultralight pilot for multiple years, but I suspended this hobby during my last years at university due to the high cost (especially for a student). But I still enjoy to fly, and I might probably start to fly again one day.

I live in the beautiful seaside resort of Knokke-Heist, in Belgium. I like steamed mussels and fries.

You can find me on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

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