I am a freelance consultant that offers multidisciplinary intelligence across the domains of technology-driven businesses, finance and business law. I am coming from academia and I am in my early 30’s, but what started as a one-off project alongside my doctoral studies three years ago, has now progressed towards a substantial freelance consulting occupancy. I am still with one foot in academia though, until the end of February 2015 (when the defense of my PhD takes place, the  title is “Legal & market infrastructure for technology-driven firms”).

My value to consult on a file or a job for your organization, may be summarized like this:

“Dealing with complexity at the smallest possible resource increment to your organization”

I explain this further. From a human resources point of view, I can be considered as different things combined in one person. Dealing with complexity comes natural to me, thanks to my multidisciplinary background. Compared to people who are only trained in one domain, I may be more inclined to also consider aspects of other domains. For instance, I may also consider real business aspects instead of merely legal aspects – given my training in finance & economics besides purely law, or I may be able to approach questions from a “systems thinking” type of way, given my training in engineering & computer science besides the domains just mentioned. These are just examples, and the actual level and advantage of multidisciplinary is not limited to those examples.

At the same time, I am scalable. I do not require to be hired as a full time person, nor do I require a permanent contract. I operate as a scalable resource, on a fee-for-service basis that can be hired on an ad-hoc basis where a full time person would represent a too substantial step. This has proven to be interesting for boutique consulting firms who want to offload some of their commitments while they don’t want to hire a new full time equivalent. Also operational end-clients may rely on my services to explore one-off projects or to push returning files and jobs on a returning basis.

In such cases where the job does not justify to hire a permanent full time person, operational organizations may go to traditional service providers (consulting firms, law firms, research providers, boutique investment banks, etc.). But service providers and advisory firms in such specialist areas are usually highly priced. Especially for projects or jobs that require knowledge from more than one domain among technology, finance and business law. Traditional service providers would often have to compose a costly team of different specialists to cover the required input from those separate domains, whereas I have reasonable specialist knowledge in those three domains. Such projects may not be explored or undertaken if one would only be able to go to the traditional and expensive service providers. Compared to such service providers, I am thus considerably less costly. As a single person without shiny office, but rather with a laptop and a wifi connection, I also operate on a much leaner basis.

Some of my clients start with a one-off job to test the relationship and then return for more jobs on a more regular and ongoing basis, once there is an established relationship. I can also negotiate to do a first job or project for a reduced rate or sometimes even for free, to test an ongoing relationship.

However, for jobs and files that are really of a size that they cannot be undertaken by a single person, I am no replacement for traditional service providers. Also from a risk management point of view, I cannot assume the type of responsibility and liability that a big entity can assume. I cannot assume financial or commercial liability for my advice. I have not extra pair of eyes that can flag potential problems (although clients may always obtain the help of another service provider to sign-off and assumer responsibility for my input). Often, managers seek external consulting and advice for the certification of their decisions towards shareholders – only a big brand or a well established firm can deliver that. I am not a replacement for that. Traditional players will also be able to deliver specialists that are very advanced in very narrow domains – whereas my strength is rather based on multidisciplinary skills and having „only” reasonable expertise in those domains separately. Finally, I do not provide services that require a license (i.e. investment advise, investment management, legal defense, patent filings, etc.).

Recently, I served a US-based niche consulting firm in a subcontracting capacity to produce the dataset of a yearly report that is authoritative in a niche industry of $17bn (a report of which key metrics are referenced every year by A-list publications like Forbes, Business Week, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Techcrunch, Venturebeat, etc.), a boutique consulting firm in a subcontracting role where I create input for reports that serve A-list end-clients like the European Commission, I served a European stock exchange which operates multiple segments (a Regulated Market and multiple Multilateral Trading Facilities), and a European venture capital investment firm.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have a project or file, to verify if I have the bandwidth to work on it. Usually, I try to limit my workload, so that I have always some bandwidth available to welcome files and jobs in domains or geographies that I consider interesting.


Feel free to browse around, or to get in touch.